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Strong corrosion resistant duplex pipework

Corrosion Resistant Duplex Pipework

Duplex acid corrosion resistant pipeworkDuplex pipework was developed in Sweden in the 1940's with the original purpose being to combat corrosion problems caused by aggressive chemical process fluids such as chloride bearing cooling waters, because of its high corrosion resistance capabilities and extremely strong nature.  These qualities make it an excellet material for use in offshore marine environments, production systems where corrosive or harsh chemicals are present, such as in paper manufcaturing, where it was first used, or in other processes where high tolerance and resistance to pitting and stress corrosion cracking is required.

Made from an equally proportioned mix of ferrite and austenite, duplex pipework and super duplex pipework is made from one of the strongest stainless steels available and is often a preferred substitute for 300 stainless, high nickel steels and nickel alloys.

Church Mill Engineering have extensive experience in the fabrication and installation of duplex pipework across a range of industries. 

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